Efficient, safe &
profitable operations
Operation&Management tools
Operation tools
  • easy-of-use tool for effective and faster transportation
  • powerful batch and pig tracking functionality
  • on-line information about actual hydraulic profile
  • Data archiving and analyzing tools

FLOWorX is not “only” a leak detection and localization system. It also offers further important functionalities to support the operation of pipelines. By using FLOWorX plug-ins you can enrich your system by:

Parcel Scheduler

Pipeline operation always combines a demand for media transport, performance of the pipeline system and demands for reserves at tank terminals or at delivery points.


Correct and effective transportation planning is therefore vital for the successful and reliable operation of every pipeline. By using the Parcel Scheduler and easy-to-use tool for the preparation of transportation plans, the planning can be much faster and avoids collisions in pipeline operation. Its intuitive graphic interface allows online modifications to the transportation plan, as well as provides on-line information about possible collisions and automatically re-calculates the plan after every users input.

The plan which previously took days to be prepared now takes just minutes.
Moreover, a plan of transportation prepared by the Parcel Scheduler can be transferred into the database of the planned parcels of the Parcel Tracking.


Parcel Tracking

Parcel Tracking is designed to provide explicit delivery performance combined with optimal utilization. It also serves other parts of the system with accurate product data.



It means that leak detection and pressure monitoring systems work with precise product-related data. The minimization of the volume of the interface can be achieved by a specially designed valves positioning sequence driven by the Parcel Tracking system.

A parcels database keeps all planned parcels organized and allows automatic, time-driven, event-driven or manual starting of every unique parcel.

The Pipeline Inventory functionality provides accurate information about pipeline content and tank reserves and allows effective planning for operators and dispatchers.

It is closely related to the Parcel Tracking system. Its unique alarm system warns the operator when the parcel is approaching its final destination, or when a certain volume of the parcel has been already put into the pipeline and much more.


Pig Tracking

Cleaning, Calibration or Intelligent pig fired inside the pipeline? The Pig Tracking system keeps all your pigs in its own database with all the data you want to store about them and traces active ones inside the pipeline.


The position of the pigs is calculated according to actual operation conditions on a given pipeline while all physical parameters such as flow, temperature and pressure are taken into account. If PIGSIGs are installed along the pipeline, the actual position of each pig inside the pipeline is automatically updated and adjusted in the system.

An alarming system with the same unique features as the Parcel Tracking has is available for operators in Pig Tracking as well.


Hydraulic Profile

Hydraulic profile functionality helps to keep pipelines in healthy operational conditions.

It provides operators with on-line information about the actual hydraulic profile of each pipeline section and generates an alarm every time when pipeline pressure at any place exceeds MAOP (Maximum Operating Pressure) or is below SL (Slack Line, Minimal Operating Pressure).



Pipeline live data are automatically stored in the FLOWorX’s database and are available for further off-line analysis. The Archiver is an off-line tool for the review and analysis of pipeline behaviour.


Parcel transportation, pig tracking events, leak alarms and other events on the pipeline can be re-played by the Archiver off-line. If a deep analysis of any event is necessary – trends review, detailed pressure trends overview, etc. – you can do so by using the Archiver’s functions.

The Archiver uses “Player” capabilities to replay historical events that occurred on the pipeline. The user can change the replay speed anytime according to his needs.


Operation & Management tools-the Highlights:

  • easy-of-use tool for Effective and faster transportation
  • powerful batch and pig tracking functionality
  • on-line information about the actual hydraulic profile
  • Data archiving and analyzing tools
  • High performance & flexible configuration
  • Remote diagnostic & support available
  • Graphical presentation of network with zooming capabilities